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Energy Interference Patterning (EIP)

EIP works at a deep cellular level, within our DNA. Throughout our lives we are taught by others how to behave and how we should ‘be’. These thoughts and those passed down through our genetic history form beliefs, which are stored within our DNA.

These beliefs form part of our personality and can shape our character, reactions, health and the way we undertake our daily activities. For example, we might always peel vegetables because we saw our mother do it, or we may feel pressure to look a certain way because it is deemed to be acceptable by the media, or we might avoid deep water as we were told at school it is dangerous. These are examples of belief patterns.

If you have ever been asked why you have done something and responded “Because I always have” you are displaying a belief pattern. Some of these patterns can become very limiting, affecting our health, clouding our judgement or putting barriers in the way of achieving our true potential.

During a session the client relaxes and answers a series of simple questions, no in-depth thought or questioning is required. A series of brief guided meditations are used to clear the belief from the DNA and plant a new positive affirmation in its place. No previous meditation experience is required. The next time the old belief would have been triggered, by a situation or emotion, the old behaviour no longer automatically occurs. Instead we are given the freedom to choose our actions and be true to ourselves.

Some of the benefits that can be achieved with E.I.P. include: